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Best Answer: Port is the best nightcap ever. very complex, very rich and sweet, and very approachable.Best Mixed Drinks For Men May 22, 2014 by Brittany McSorley A lot of men tend to have a problem, while out drinking at bars, which never even occurs to most women.Or if you are feeling a little adventurous, a drop of brandy or single malt whisky in a snifter is another fantasic choice.Happy hour half of signature cocktails makes it more affordable.

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This mixture of Vodka and Kahlua has been pleasing the American cocktail palate since the outbreak of the Cold War.Wherever you find yourself for last call, consider that last drink and find something worth savoring.

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There are only a few rules: no cocktails, no beer, and no scary stories (they might cause bad dreams).The practice has earned so many fans, it gained its own name over the years—the nightcap.

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In her latest book, prolific drinks writer Kara Newman covers more than 40 cocktails to close out the evening.

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The drinks that I felt fit nightcap mold best were generally ones made with aged spirits — whiskey, brandy, reposado tequila.

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A good nightcap is usually considered to be a brown alcohol such as cognac or brandy.Make sure your drink uses the best ingredients to support cleansing from the inside out.

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The best way to posh up your party, be ready to enchant your guests with exotic or regular cocktails of your choice.

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Often rich and boozy—and sometimes warmed to perfection—a proper nightcap cocktail exudes coziness and allows for extended sipping.These 11 recipes for detox drinks use powerful, science-backed foods to upgrade your recovery.

Pretty sure the family is already looking forward to this moment.Excellent cocktails, and smallish dinner menu, but one that does it right.A two-finger pour of your best-loved firewater remains a fine choice, of course, but there is an entire spirituous universe to consider in this space.

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We asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us their favorite nightcaps -- they ranged from amaros to tequila to chartreuse.

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Nightcap fits into a unique niche in Austin, and does it well.Some might consider the nightcap a lost art, but with a few tricks anyone can master it.

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An Endorsement of the Nightcap And the best booze to drink before bed.If you struggle both with poor digestion and bad sleep, then this drink is a winner.A nightcap is an alcoholic beverage that one would partake of before retiring to bed for the night.Drinks like the Margarita and the Daiquiri have spawned a million cocktails in this category.

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A drink before bed calms the nerves, relaxes the body and takes your mind off the stresses of the day.Likewise, warm milk is often recommended as a nightcap for inducing sleep, because it contains both tryptophan and calcium.

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For a super healthy and satisfying banana smoothie, simply blend half of a.Classics like the Brandy Alexander are featured alongside original concoctions.Easy Cocktails is a very large collection of cocktails, all for you to search and keep for yourself forver.Firelit also makes the F-80 High Strength Coffee Liqueur, an 80-proof drink that is intense in every way.These boozy Baileys libations are your new favorite nightcap, perfect to sip by a warm cracking fire.

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