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Handkerchiefs, aka pocket squares, are a perfect accent accessory for a wide range of looks and dress codes.

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When I was a little girl, my mom would bring a simple white handkerchief to church and would fold it into a baby cradle in order to keep me entertained.

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Folding a tuxedo handkerchief, though seemingly a difficult task, is very easy if you follow the right steps.Handkerchiefs need to be folded in a very specific way for a suit pocket.A suit without a handkerchief is thought of as a naked suit by the designers and tailors.There are many different ways to fold a handkerchief, depending on formality of the style you want.

Fold your handkerchief in half twice so it forms a square, then in half again via the points so it forms a triangle.

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The one corner up pocket square fold is well suited when wearing a necktie.

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Go through this article and know how to fold pocket handkerchief for tuxedos.

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It is especially well suited for pocket squares made from a thicker linen type fabric, as this type of material can be stiffened using a little bit starch, and ironed to keep is straight.A handkerchief is a square of cloth carried in the pocket for the purpose of wiping the hands, face, or nose.

The modern version we know today was predated by the handkerchief, which dates all the way back to ancient Egyptians, who used hankies for hygienic purposes like wiping off dirt or sweat from the.

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Create a puffed fold by laying the handkerchief flat and picking it up from the center.Great sewing project for an advanced beginner level seamstress.It may not be as deeply appreciated as paper origami, but it is a type of origami.A puffed fold is created by laying the handkerchief flat, and then picking up the handkerchief from the center.Pocket handkerchief is a great fashion detail that can greatly help you.How to Fold a Pocket Square: THE SQUARE FOLD. Step 01. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface. Step 02. Fold in half vertically. Step 03. Fold the two lower corners up so they hit just below the top edges, then flip over and tuck into your jacket pocket (adjusting the width until it fits).

A lot of men, even the ones who wear suits regularly, are obvious to the purpose of the breast pocket on their suits, which is why it is kept empty.For those of you who are looking for more eccentric folds, also check out my 5 0 ways to fold a pocket square feature on my blog.

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You simply just let it droop like a flower, and then fold the point to the tips of the open end of the handkerchief.

The two point fold This is the perfect crease that will highlight two-tone or patterned handkerchiefs.

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John, in chapter 20, tells us of a handkerchief that had been placed on the Face of Jesus when He was buried in the late afternoon of Good Friday.

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Pocket squares: Wearing a nicely folded pocket square in your breast pocket will add an elegant touch to your attire.

With a cute handkerchief skirt hem, this easy dress DIY is the perfect sundress to wear all Summer long.More difficult to achieve, it remains one of the most elegant folds.Now you have top fold the two middle bits so that they overlap at the center.Straightforward, trim, and low-maintenance, a square fold pocket.

The classic square fold, or the presidential fold as also known, is apparently the easiest way to fold your handkerchief into a pocket square.

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This will allow you to fold it yourself, without help, even in a windy day.

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Depending on how deep your breast pocket is, you may have to fold the bottom part of the pocket square over again.

It also keeps the snot on one side of the cloth, which makes it easier to clean if you have to do it by hand for some reason.The single point fold is simple, elegant, classic and one of the best folds for your everyday wear.Preferably, you can use a white linen or silk handkerchief for this fold.

Video. This video explains how to fold a handkerchief into a jumping mouse.

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